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Memorial Park

Located in the heart of town, Memorial Park is 48 acres of beautiful land on Grandview Avenue, nestled between College Street and State Street.

Memorial Park began its legacy in 1945, when the Ohio Match Company donated 40 acres of land to The Wadsworth Schools and the City of Wadsworth. The school district used 12 acres to build Art Wright Stadium, with the remaining land used for Memorial Park in honor of Wadsworth soldiers who gave their lives in the Second World War.

Memorial Park has developed into a lush park that was started with over 2,000 planting by volunteers in 1947. The Lions Club contributed the materials and man power in building the original stone pavilion in 1949; and roads were built, picnic areas were developed, and Memorial Pond was created in the center of the park.

In 1959, American Legion Post #170 developed the impressive paved "Memorial Walk," which is bordered by magnolia trees... one for each deceased hero whose name is inscribed on a bronze plate at the end of the pathway.

Over the years, Memorial Park has developed into Wadsworth's most versatile park, with a shelter and playground on the west end, a rentable Girl Scout House on the north end, and Kaleidoscope community playground on the east end. The area near Kaleidoscope community playground includes a ball field, tennis courts, and a shelter.

Stroll through the many paths, sights, at Memorial Park.