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Friends of Wadsworth Trails and

City of Wadsworth Parks Information

Wadsworth Parks

The City of Wadsworth opened its first public park in 1900. The Parks Department currently manages 20 properties in the City, ranging from small play areas to its largest park of 60 acres. The Parks are supported and maintained by the City of Wadsworth and community volunteers associated with the Friends of Wadsworth Trails. The City of Wadsworth's resources to maintain park properties are limited.

The City of Wadsworth depends on residents and visitors to abide by some simple rules to preserve the properties and the safety of those using the parks.

• Call 911 for emergencies.
• To report non-emergency concerns, call the Wadsworth City Parks at (330) 335-2708.

• Parks Dept. hours are M-F, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (messages may be left after hours). 
• All parks close one hour after sunset. 
• Pets must be on a leash at ALL times. 
• Vicious or dangerous PETS are prohibited. 
• Many parks have doggie bag stations donated by members of the community and FoWT. 
• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. 
• Motorized vehicles are restricted to roadways and parking lots. 
• Those fishing must abide by ODNR Division of Wildlife regulations & licensing requirements. 
• Swimming is prohibited. 
• Visitors may not LITTER or in any way damage or deface the grounds or facilities. 
• Fires are allowed only in provided grills and fireplaces at Memorial. Portable grills prohibited. 
• Enjoy the scenery and wildlife! Do not disturb or remove trees, flowers, or other wildlife. 


The Friends of Wadsworth Trails are visionaries advocating the development of a safe trail system serving the greater Wadsworth community. We facilitate community involvement by providing input, resources, and volunteer labor in the development and operations of this system.